Elections of 2014

Elections of 2014

How we have a grand opportunity to further bulster our oligarchy!

November, 2014, USA. Watch carefully, and you will see us efficiently carrying out our well thought out action plan:

Democrats Mitigated Deficit, Enabling Us To Spend More And Blame Them For The Taxes

Siphon The Money For More Absolute Control

Under Obama, the deficit has been reduced, so we can use those funds and redeploy entitlement (social security, postal service, medicare, medicaid, foodstamps, education, school lunch nutritional suppliments, FDA, EPA, CDC, IRS, infrastructure, medical insurance, etc.) funds to media, surveillance and military so we can further trick, spy on and control the masses and the political systems, including improving control of elections. It's a win-win-win no-brainer.

Eliminate Populist Government, Bulster Military Through Conflict, Fear, Oppression & The "Terrorist" Label

This serves multiple purposes. It convinces a large percentage of the ignorant masses that government never works well, other than the military, so that we need to reduce it, giving further arguments to justify further tax elimination for our corporate sectors. By increasing the military, we can more easily supply arms through contracters to volatile regions of the world, fanning flames and causing further hatred towards the United States, thereby increasing the likelihood of a terrorist attack. Terrorist attacks further our agenda because then we can use fear to get everyone in line to further support the military and ignore ongoing and escalating domestic socio-economic catastrophies. We can then increase surveillance on the masses and label anyone who objects that they are a terrorist, and prosecute accordingly. A win-win-win no-brainer.

Then, More Resources, More Resources, More Resources...

With everyone afraid, oppressed and feeling powerless, we can then further enrich ourselves by redeploying the rest of the nation's resources to the our portion of the private sector. Resources we are redeploying include but are not limited to hydrocarbons (natural gas, shale oil, etc.), timber, minerals and precious metals, water, wild life, and through drug enforcement laws, anything else we want. A win-win-win no-brainer.

Freely Pollute, Poison, Stress The Masses To Weaken And Facilitate Total Control

By further polluting, increasing pesticides in foods (especially more economically using GMO's so they grow within the food), we increase cancer and other related disease rates, further stressing the finances of the masses, and making them easier to control as a labor pool for services we still unfortunately need domestically. A win-win-win no-brainer.

Global Warming Makes For Bargains

By ignoring and denying global warming, we can further grab land and other resources after catastrophies, buy water and other rights and invest in further control of the world as it becomes increasingly depressed, with less safe useable land above a flood plane, etc. and also further stressing the finances of the masses, reducing their economic ability to compete for resources, fight back or even be heard. A win-win-win no-brainer.

Recruit Whomever Survives

As the horrific suffering escalates, we find it increasingly easy to enlist the masses in the military, in our well controlled Christian churches, in our party.